Term and Conditions - DukanX Pakistan

Term & Conditions


DukanX has some general-purpose policies for both client and vendors.

  • DukanX can take maintenance breaks for short while.
  • DukanX reserves right to update, modify, add or delete some feature without notice.
  • DukanX has complete authority in matters regarding disputes.
  • DukanX may change or add new policies and terms of services which will be effective for every vendor and customer.
  • DukanX is not liable to any fraud or spam. Although we are concerned with benefiting people with safe and secure business transactions but we cannot be held responsible in term of events.
  • In cases of accidents or abnormal events, DukanX is void of any claim.
  • DukanX isn’t the same as other platforms we have very specific agenda and mission.
  • In case you don’t understand anything. Contact our customer support to seek guidance in the matter. We will love to sort things for you.

Vendor Contract TOS [ terms of services ]

  • The minimum period for the contract is six (6) months.
  • Every contract can be renewed after & extended before expiry.
  • DukanX services can be availed only by advance payment.
  • Invoice is billed at the start of each month which is required to be cleared in less than three days of receiving an online invoice. If the invoice isn’t billed for some reason you are still required to pay in advance for your selected packages & services to avoid any inconsistency in availed options.
  • The contract will only be canceled with 50% payment of next month invoice [in case you file cancellation].
  • DukanX reserves right to cancel the contract at any time.
  • DukanX can change policy without prior notice and changes will be applicable from the moment policies are altered and published.
  • Vendor reserve right to access, modify and update their information.
  • If you aren’t available to provide data about your products or you don’t have any source you can opt DukanX optional packages for your ease.
  • No information could be wrong or forged. DukanX will approve only verified vendors.
  • In the case of spam or fraud or selling illegal products. DukanX can take legal actions against you or file a petition and mark you, untrusted vendor.
  • DukanX has rights to store information about your NTN/CNIC.
  • DukanX will file your categories and include it in its list on your demand.
  • You are required to request a category for your product if it doesn’t exist.
  • Customer satisfaction is prime goal of DukanX. DukanX may visit or inquire details about your products and take reading about your procedures.
  • Delivery of household’s products and grocery items cannot take more than 12 hours.
  • Fast food must be delivered in an hour.
  • Delivery of other products/items should be less than 7 business days.
  • You can opt DukanX delivery & recovery system.
  • You can also opt optional package of handling DukanX dashboard.
  • Three complaints are sufficient for DukanX against you to cancel contract or temporarily block your services. DukanX reserves authority to file a case against you in court.
  • DukanX services are dependent on the packages you opt.
  • DukanX reserves rights to handle vendor-client disputes. You will agree to DukanX team decision in case of dispute.
  • Vendor’s are responsible for order confirmation or delivery unless told otherwise.
  • Vendor can make exception on deliveries if DukanX team accords with him.
  • Vendor will be paying GST that is involved in invoice transaction.

Delivery TOS [ terms of services ]

The vendor may opt DukanX delivery and recovery system or use their own preferred system. In Case of DukanX Delivery & Recovery System following policies will apply and prevail.

  • You are required to confirm order first and then convey the message to a provided contact.
  • DukanX delivery team will take the package after running checks on quantity and quality.
  • DukanX recovery management system will keep a record of every transaction and will be responsible for transferring correct funds. (payment may be delayed by some factors).
  • In Case of customer unavailability, DukanX will take the package to pick up point and may charge up to Rs. 100/. (PKR).
  • DukanX will not be responsible for any breakage done due to accidents or abnormal event.
  • DukanX will not be responsible for spam products and may file a petition against you in cases.
  • DukanX will not compromise you are required to deliver the quality you promised with your customer.
  • DukanX is not responsible for the mishandling of product by the customer.
  • The customer is required to check their package before completing the transaction.