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Assemble your computer according to your desired specs, Elaptoolic love to play LEGO & build the spec you always desired! at the cheap rate. High technology Servers, Work Stations, Gaming PCs & Home, and Office use tower and mini-PCs. Motherboards, Circuit boards, ram, rom, SSDs, Hard disks. Office networking, WI-FI printer setup and much more. Elaptoolic maintain your office and labs systems with us on a single call! Are you a business? We are here to maintain your system on monthly bases at justified costs!. We have got your worries under our thumb. Just name your product and have it at your doorsteps at entirely genuine and justified prices. We will get back to you when you are stuck and your system teases you! All you need is to give us a call or send us an email or message.Pay only for your desired specs, highly optimized systems with lowest market rates.