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Multi-vendor online stores in Lahore


Online shopping stores are well known to everyone now but having a multi-vendor online store is a rare thing happening. But DukanX has made it possible by providing a platform where any small entrepreneur or cottage industry person can sell their products. It is a perfect deal for both the parties the vendor and customer. Because a wide range of products is all that a customer desire for and vendor require the boost to their business.

There are several multi-vendor stores working and targeting the local marketing where some of them are as follow:

A develop an old player in the online business experience, has been in the race for long. With its long involvement in the market and a tolerable client base, could have completed significantly better with some showcasing and brand advancement. It is also a helpful platform for customers to get different categories of products in one place. has been in the online business industry for a great deal of years now. The retailer is generally known for its Chinese devices and embellishments despite the fact that it has a moderately fine choice of items. They have also worked on the social media marketing which brings considerable users to their site.

It is an online store where you can find all you need, which has recently been in the business industry but establishing the user experience on daily basis. It is a platform which is not only an online shopping store but a business stability and product promotions site.

So, apart from online shopping, it is the best chance for all the local industry people who are in search of business boost or promotion as this all can be done on DukanX.

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