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Best Supermarket Places in Lahore


Best Supermarket Places in Lahore

Lahore is a blessed city and has a lot to offer to its citizens than just the history. Aside from the historical places, Lahore is known for its food, universities and the welcoming citizens of Lahore. Lahore hasn’t held back from its citizens when it comes to shopping as well. There a number of classy malls and amazing supermarket places in Lahore. When it comes to supermarkets, Lahore is the house to many supermarket places that can easily compete with supermarkets abroad. Here are the best supermarkets in Lahore:

  • Al-Fatah

Al-Fatah store has been around since 1941. Al-Fatah is known for offering the best variety of products in the highest of quality. They are known for their customer services and give special attention to their customers’ needs. Al-Fatah has stores in many locations of Lahore like Defense Gulberg, Wapda Town, Allama Iqbal Town, etc.

  • Hyperstar

Hyperstar is the most exciting chain of supermarkets in Pakistan. It is known for having almost everything a shopper can ask for. Launched in 1992, Hyperstar is preferred by a majority of population of Lahore. The best part of Hyperstar is the amazing discounts on almost every product especially the electronics.

  • Metro

Metro is known for its super large and spacey stores. All the roaming space in metro makes it a comfortable supermarket place. Many prefer the meat and poultry section of metro and their services with the clean and fresh poultry and meat. Metro also offers discount on bulk shopping.


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